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 We call it an investment because that’s what it is. You’re investing in the most important people in your life. Your precious baby that you prayed for and then worried about for 9 months before she finally made her way into your arms.
Your chubby 6 month old that will soon lose all of his baby fat when he starts walking. Your 5 year old that will soon lose his baby teeth or the 7 year old without his two front teeth. How about your beautiful, smart and sassy 13 year old with all her opinions? These moments are gone in the blink of an eye but the portraits will be there to tell the story. Your family’s story. The story you will cherish forever.

 Newborn sessions should be done between days 5-21 days old but she will not turn you away if your baby is a little older. Newborn sessions take place in my home studio in Auburn, Al.

 We would be thrilled to work with your family and coordinate a special session with you.

Amy also teaches newborn photographers from all around the world how to safely photograph these precious gifts while maintaining a strong relationship with her local clientele.
It is her desire to teach others how to handle and photograph babies with safety and creativity in mind. She was just recently voted one of the top 10 child photographers in the world. You can read the list here:

Please fill out form or email Amy or call 360-490-3378 for complete investment details.

**Session fees start at $100.00**

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