Amy is a wife, mother of three, photographer and educator.  She remains the most sought after newborn and baby photographer in the Auburn and Opelika, Alabama area and has been photographing newborns, babies, maternity and families for almost seven years.

The life of a newborn model|Opelika newborn photographer

Do you ever wonder what “Newborn Casting Call” or “Newborn Model Needed” really means? You see it plastered all over photographers pages but do you know what it means or what’s involved? Well I’m here to tell you and you’ll probably think…”Oh, is that all?” If you’re reading this then you probably already know that I teach newborn photography to other photographers around the world. It’s a hectic, fun, fulfilling, exhausting, exciting and sweaty job that I take very seriously. So when you see “Newborn Casting Call” that simply means that I need babies to help me teach others what I do. I do not need a head shot of your newborn nor do I really need to know what he or she looks like because, duh, all babies are beautiful! The only requirement is that they are 5-21 days old….that’s it! We normally only keep you there for about 3 hours but your session is free and you receive around 5 beautiful high resolution digital images for your time.  Now, some babies don’t always cooperate on the day of their first “model shoot” and that’s okay BUT….there are some babies, like Lilah below, that are like putty in my hands and they just sleep the entire time. I like to refer to these newborns as Rock Stars because without them it’s very hard to get through all that I have to teach my students.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s important for my attendees to see how I handle the “fussy” baby so it’s good to have a mixture of both.

Unlike my paying clients, my model babies don’t get to customize their session because they are there so that I can teach specific poses and setups. So if your new baby has an older sibling or if you want family pictures then it’s best to book a “real” session with me or another photographer. My booked clients are my top priority so your baby’s modeling images can take longer to receive. They are sent via drop box and you can download them to your computer and print anywhere but I suggest for the best color and quality.

I’ve photographed hundreds, gosh maybe closer to a thousand newborns and there are some that I just can’t forget because they were just so sweet and sleepy. The ones that make you sigh and almost want another:)

So one that really sticks out recently is gorgeous little Lilah…sigh

Dewdrops by Amy McDaniel

Auburn/Opelika newborn photographer